About Company

After successful completion of 18 years in automobiles, Mr. P R Jadeja aspired to take the performance to the next level. He aimed at securing & retaining All India No 1 position in each of the dealership’s evaluation criteria laid down by the OEMs. This necessitated a professional set up and professionals driving the dealerships’ operations as per the OEMs specified norms. In order to make the organization process and system driven, in 2014, he formed a private Limited company in the name of JBG Organisation Private Ltd.
We are having professionals from OEMs like M&M, M&M Financial services, and Nissan wherein our VP Sales is having rich experience from Mahindra & Mahindra and Honda, VP Service has worked with Nissan and VW, Group Retail Finance Head is having experience from M&M Financial Services and our VP HR & BD has varied experience of managing automobile dealerships at group level. Since then many have joined and are holding senior positions as Vice Presidents in the group. These professionals at JBGO centrally manage Sales, Service, Finance, Accounts & HR operations of the different dealerships under the JBGO umbrella and further drive their respective teams at the dealerships to facilitate performance as per the OEMs’ standards and achieving organisational goals.



  • 1997 Opel(GM) Car Dealership

    We Entered in the Automobile Industry as an authorized dealer for brand Opel(General Motors) in 1997 in Surat later we expand it from Vadodra to Surat in south Gujarat

  • 2002 M&M Car & Commercial Vehicle Dealership

    On 16 December 2002 we established Mahindra and Mahindra Dealership at Surat.From the beginning of the president Motors our sales per month average is 62. At present our sales record has increased abundantly to 1657 per annum which is 145 vehicles per month. And it has also been increased our turnover of president Motors was about 12 Crore which is increased growth to 90 Crore as of 2011-2012.

  • 2008 Ford Car Dealership & Yamaha 2 Wheeler Dealership.

    In 2008 we established Ford Car Dealership as well as Yamaha 2 Wheeler Dealership.

  • 2011 Nissan Car Dealership and M&M Car Dealership at Vapi.

    In 2011 we established Nissan Car Dealership at Surat and Mahindra and Mahindra Dealership at Vapi.

  • 2013 Chevrolet Car Dealership and Suzuki 2 Wheeler Dealership at Baroda.

    In 2013 we established Chevrolet Car Dealership at Surat and Suzuki 2 Wheeler Dealership at Baroda